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Important News

--- 04/22/2020 ---

Use the RED "e-file Personal Property" option on the left to file your assessment online - You do not need a "username" - "password" to efile - check your mailed form or postcard for the account number and unique PIN - this option is available from Jan 1st to Nov 1st 2020 - Make sure you enter the correct numbers in the right cells.

--- 02/25/2020 ---

Note: Real Property tax estimator is not using correct rates - please refer to the County Collector for correct taxes for 2019.

--- 02/25/2020 ---

Real Property values are as of 02/15/2020

Subscriptions available for more detail on the "Real Estate Search" lookup

If interested, please contact Kevin Bishop at


Website Personal Property account information is updated on a nightly basis.

Original Declarations are due by March 1st to avoid penalty.

Second Notices are due back by May 1st to avoid penalty.

Notices received after May 1st are subject to penalties set forth by MO State Statute 137.280.

Link to statute:

IMPORTANT: If you have not received a list and owned any personal property as of January 1st, please notify our office.


A new Tax Estimator has been added to the Personal Property website. If your account is marked Active Completed, then you will be able to see your estimated taxes.

If our office has not received the current years assessment notice - it will be noted as "INACTIVE".

NOTE: Please be aware that the tax shown is an estimate and taxes are subject to change depending on tax year levies.